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Let’s Face It–Life is no dress rehearsal!

cyndi steinI have been through hardship and learned that I have a spirit that cannot be broken. Now I want to offer you that chance, because it’s possible, and we all  deserve to live a grand juicy life. I coach clients to reach their peak performance, so I move them from just getting by–to getting ready to fly.

Life is all made up; we may as well write our own stories. I invite you to join with me and form a powerful team. A team that will design the vision for your life’s goals and purpose. We will hold that vision for you to step into and own!  You may as well be yourself; because  everyone else is taken. We often let self-limiting thoughts get in our way of this powerful creation called “our life”. Whether it’s finding and flourishing in that romantic relationship or starting that business we may have dreamed of – I can help you connect the dots.

My passion is catalyzing change. Change is hard and any small change requires substantial effort. Making major transformation demands a change agent. Successful athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, people going through divorce all have coaches.  The ones who do are the ones who excel!

I have been catalyzing change in others  since preschool. I am committed to serving you–to closing the gap from where you are to where you want to be. If you don’t know where that is — I’m here to help you uncover it. I can help you identify your strengths and talents; gifts that you which you may not realize you possess.

Feel free to call me at (516) 4107600 or use the contact form here.

Your self esteem, confidence, and well-being is my mission.


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