Improve Speech Fluency

Are you looking to find techniques to improve speech fluency?


Gain access to tools that allow you to speak your mind with greater ease.

If you can say YES to three of the statements below, you might need help with your speech fluency:

  • I repeat sounds, syllables or words
  • My speech is not as smooth as other people’s
  • Sometimes I get stuck on a word and I can’t get out of it for what seems like an eternity
  • Sometimes I am embarrassed about my speech
  • I cause others in group projects to get lower grades because of my speech in group presentations
  • I stutter less in my native language
  • I know before I am going to stutter that it’s going to happen.
  • My disfluencies usually occur at the beginning of a thought or utterance
  • It’s hard for me to move forward in the speech chain
  • There is tension in certain parts of my face or body before and during a disfluency
  • There are certain body movements that I use before and during a disfluency like avoiding eye contact
  • I struggle with saying the words I want to hear
  • I often find myself afraid to speak on the phone or order food in a restaurant

Gain the confidence by learning how to articulate sounds and:

  • Move more smoothly through the speech chain
  • Free yourself from a tough spot
  • Express your ideas with greater confidence
  • Tackle difficult sounds and words with greater ease

Cyndi can help you learn the tools you need to sharpen your articulation and gain exceptional speaking skills.

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