Speech Coaching

Is Fear of Public Speaking Holding You Back?


Build confidence while developing natural speaking skills, by working with a professional public speaking coach.

Are you curious if you need speech coaching?

Answer yes to at least three of the following questions and you may be a candidate for public speaking coaching:

  • I procrastinate when I need to write or deliver a presentation
  • I am not really sure how to go about being an effective public speaker
  • I am overcome with anxiety when I need to deliver a speech or presentation
  • My mouth gets dry, I feel shaky, and sometimes even dizzy before or during a speech
  • I would love to have more confidence in preparing and delivering my presentations
  • My oral communication skills need improvement for public speaking
  • If I could reduce my fear of public speaking and gain confidence my life would be less stressful

When working with Cyndi, you can learn how to:

  • Organize a dynamic and powerful presentation
  • Communicate ideas clearly
  • Reduce nervousness for presentations or interviews
  • Sharpen articulation of certain sounds
  • Project your voice for powerful results
  • Increase confidence and poise in front of an audience

Contact Cyndi today to learn how she can help you with all of your communication needs.

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