Stuttering Support

Stuttering Controlling Your Life?

Are you afraid people will learn you stutter?


It’s time to take control & live a life of freedom.

If you can answer YES to three or more of the following, it is time for you to receive the stuttering support you deserve!

  • I believe that I lack confidence as a communicator
  • I avoid certain speaking situations because I stutter
  • My family and/or friends do not really know how I struggle with my speech
  • I don’t feel like a whole person because I stutter
  • I would not pursue my career dreams because of my stutter
  • I may not speak my mind but rather change my words or my message, speed up my speech, or speak softly rather than stutter
  • Number 6 makes me feel like I don’t have a voice – – I really don’t say what i intended to say or I give up talking completely
  • My stuttering makes others feel uncomfortable
  • I experience social anxiety at times because of my stutter
  • People think I am less intelligent because I stutter
  • I worry about what others think when I speak
  • I worry about job or school interviews

Cyndi can help. Contact her today to finally take control of your life.

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