“I cannot thank Cyndi enough for helping me gain the confidence  to speak clearly, without hoarseness, and with vocal variation.”

Cyndi’s unique coaching method is tailored to your personality with what you want to accomplish and this definitely will helped me in fine tuning my speech.  I highly recommend taking coaching lessons from her. – Beena H


“Cyndi is a dynamic individual and skilled speaking coach.”

“I was in a bit of a downward spiral as I faced the task of preparing a workshop. With her help on many levels, I was able to break out of the funk I was in and it became a fun adventure with all that I learned. The workshop was a success and I received some nice complements, thanks to Cyndi‘s help.”

Elizabeth H


“I am very pleased with Cyndi’s techniques and I highly recommend her services to anyone who seeks to tap their hidden potential.”

“I’ve been working with Cyndi for a little over a month and I feel that I have made tremendous progress in my confidence when it comes to public speaking. The exercises that she has taught me have given me greater voice projection and clarity. The exercises have also given me a deeper and richer tone in my voice, which I now use with confidence. Cyndi has also helped me look introspectively to tap my hidden strengths and psychological potential.

My original objective was to develop the comfort level to speak before a large audience of five hundred. Cyndi has not only given me the tools to make that objective possible, she has also given me the added bonus of even greater self-assurance off the stage. By working with Cyndi, I am highly confident that I can face virtually any situation with grace and ease.

I am very pleased with Cyndi’s techniques and I highly recommend her services to anyone who seeks to tap their hidden potential.”

Grant Woo – CEO Financial Company


“Cyndi’s Expertise and Compassion are Unparalleled!”

Life can be so confusing, and Cyndi helped me get clarification on so many issues. In a world where it seemed like everyone else was only concerned with themselves, she made me see differently by widening my perception of things.   Cyndi has such a way of listening,  paying attention, and helping to focus me on the important issues when I’m sweating the small stuff.  I was always the person dealing with everyone’s problems, to the point where I couldn’t deal with my own. Together, she helped me realize that I was escaping from moving my life to the next level, by focusing on rescuing everyone else.   My toxic family relationships became healthy over time because of the things she helped me realize, attitudes she helped me change, and changes I made in communication.  In addition, Cyndi helped me face my  fears, and while I did not overcome all of them, I pushed through many of them. She helped bring the courage, I naturally had, out of me.   She has helped me move through hard transitions to the point that I consider her another mother to me.She honestly cares! (Her sense of humor can always put a smile on my face)  Its amazing what one person can do that can change your life. I would definitely say thank you to Cyndi, but even that is an understatement!


I came to Cyndi consumed by the demands of my family relationships.  I was the “go to” person and it was destroying me. Through her incredible nonjudgmental listening skills, and ability to hone in on the real issue, Cyndi coached me to learn to be my authentic self and to step fully into my rightful place as a person.  We worked on setting personal boundaries on my familial relationships, and on all situations in general.  The word “no” was not a part of my vocabulary until I met Cyndi.  She taught me to ask myself,  “By saying “yes” to everyone – what was I saying  ‘no’ to?”  Through Cyndi’s expert coaching I was a support for and influence on my mother to get my sister the help she needed for her substance abuse problem.  Through my example, my mother too learned how to stand up to others, including my sister, so that Cyndi’s impact had a ripple effect.  We worked on a different kind of communication which had a significant effect on my relationship with my fiancé.  Cyndi taught me to focus on strengths, in others in my life and on my own, and this changed my perspective in relating to my family and extended family.  I learned that I had courage and authenticity, and that I was capable of pushing myself to the next level in my life.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to her for my personal growth; her skills and compassion are unparalleled. I have been to therapists in the past, and I gained nothing in comparison to what Cyndi did for me as a life coach. I will tell you what I have told her, Cyndi felt like a second mother to me. If you want to take your life to the next level, Cyndi is the one to make it happen for you.

Victoria Rodriguez, restaurant manager, Brooklyn, NY


“Cyndi is an adventure!”

“Cyndi is an adventure to work with! Her natural listening, creative techniques, and keen intuition have helped me work through many issues, both health and beauty related, personal, and professional. She has helped me discover more clear and concrete steps to achieving my goals.  Cyndi has transformed the way I view challenges and has altered the way I navigate difficult relationships. I am very grateful for her expertise and authentic coaching style.”

Gloria Pitt, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep., Penn State.

“First Romantic Relationship in 10 years!

“Cyndi Stein-Rubin is a fiercely talented coach and a model of authenticity! She has empowered me with deeper self-knoweldge, understanding, self-confidence, and strategies to move out of my comfort zone. After many years on hiatus from dating, I was shy and ill-at-ease to begin dating again. Cyndi helped me find the confidence to approach men in person and through internet dating to build my social life.  I learned how to write a profile, how to deal with the responses, and how to communicate effectively. As a result of Cyndi’s coaching and consulting on my dating profile, I met the love of my life. Thanks to Cyndi’s expert skills and sincere empathic persona, for the first time in many years since my divorce, I am enjoying a 2-year long, healthy, romantic relationship.”

Katheryn Grey, University Professor, Brooklyn, NY

“I owe Cyndi my deep gratitude that words could never express.”

“I worked with Cyndi at a time when I was at rock bottom. I had significant emotional issues. Cyndi gave me the confidence to reach out to the appropriate professionals where I was stabalized with medication and received excellent psychological counseling. Cyndi coached me in addition, and my confidence and self esteem began to climb. After working with Cyndi, I began working again after a long hiatus and started to feel in charge of my life. I am now working part time, socializing, dating, and smiling again, and I feel I owe a major portion of my recovery to Cyndi’s unwavering support and incredible ability to inspire and motivate.”

Sam Gribbon, Gourmet Food Consultant, Washington, D.C.


“Cyndi is a diamond.”

“Cyndi coached me through a long and ugly divorce process and beyond. I can honestly say that without her authentic care and expertise I would not have put one foot in front of the other. I was very self conscious and worried about dating again, particularly about creating an online profile. Cyndi coached me through the process and acted as consultant for my dating profile. She literally photographed me, a process that a professional photographer with 200 pictures for me to choose from, had no success. I get compliments on the photos she took and the profile she coached me to write. I am dating all the time now. A shy person by nature, the confidence and proactivity I achieved is particularly powerful.”

Adrienne Sable, attorney, Hollywood, FLA


Cyndi is a Blessing!

Cyndi has helped me to realize untapped potential. From my first session with Cyndi she took the time to really understand me.  I had been challenged with a fear of public speaking and speech dis-fluency; but these were just the surface challenges.  Cyndi delved deeper enabling me to liberate my true self.  The one unhindered by self-doubt, or the need to measure up to someone else’s standard. It is through her skill of addressing the whole person and not just the apparent problem, that today I can celebrate myself as a strong and confident individual. I would not be where I am today without Cyndi. The time I spent working with her is singularly one of the most significant points of my life. Cyndi is a learned individual who is quite skilled in her craft, but what make her exceptional is the fact that she is gifted in her ability to connect with people; it is her heart for helping others that makes her special. She is truly a blessing!

Shelly Smith-Benjamin, Airline Operations Manager, NY

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